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Nutritional herbal support for the immune system

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The body comes with a unique program called “self-healing”. Within this program the immune system is the key “player”, constantly guarding and repairing the body. A strong immune system is the only shield against disease, and the life insurance of the body for a vital life.

The lymph system, the white blood cells, T-and B- lymphocytes, mast cells and are the power force in the immune system. These millions of cells work 24/7 and are constantly repaired or replaced to keep up the arms race against the threats that the body faces every day.

It is therefore of immense importance to nourish or feed an immune system on a daily basis, and it becomes even more important when the body is diseased.

ImVet food supplements for dogs is tailored to meet the individual biological needs of the focal animal species immune system.

Easy to use instructions are on the bottle.

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