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ReVet for Dogs


Nutritional herbal support for the musculoskeletal system

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Inside every mammal’s body is a skeleton, a sturdy framework of bones, tendons and ligaments, that protects the body’s organs, supports the body’s circulatory and immune system, provides attachment points for muscles to enable body movement, functions as a storage site for minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and produces blood and immune cells.

To maintain a lifelong strong and healthy moving apparatus, certain nutritional building blocks have to be a part of the daily feeding. For herbivores, like horses, these building blocks, are obtained through their vegetarian diet. For predatory species, like cats and dogs, these herbal building blocks, primarily come from their preys last meal.

Because domestic life, by nature, limits the access to these herbal nutrients, the body can become under nourished, or malnutrition. Which again can kick start a range of diseases or symptoms.

ReVet supplement for dogs provides uniquely balanced phyto building blocks, tailored for the focal species and their motor apparatus. ReVet can be given daily, or as a shorter boost if needed.

Easy to use instruction are on the bottle.


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