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Rootz for Cats & Dogs ( formerly 10 Good Reasons)


Nutritional herbal support for fundamental needs of the body

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Fundamental phyto nutrition build upon mother nature’s own recipe.

The food supplement Rootz formerly 10 “Good Reasons”, is tailored for dogs biology and physiology. Due to the fact, that basic animal feeding can be somewhat one-sided, their fundamental need for vegetable nutritional building blocks are not always met.

Any imbalance in the feeding can cause a variety of syndromes. Rootz formerly 10 “Good Reasons” empowers the body’s physiological foundation, by providing the phyto nutrients necessary for building healthy cells and ensure metabolic wellness.

Easy to use instructions are on the bottle


Ingredients –   Organic canola oil, maca, bitter orange, St. John’s wort, devil’s claw, turmeric, la pacho, rhodiola, aloe vera, horsetail, rhubarb.

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