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Nutritional herbal support for promoting a healthy gut flora

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ParaVet – Is it a dewormer ? No, at least not in the traditional way.

When we talk dewormer or anti-parasitic products, they are medicines that require a prescription from an veterinarian. The reason why is to ensure that the active ingredients to kill the parasites are being used only when necessary and in the correct dosage.

Parasites are quick to find ways to survive and become resistant to the active ingredients, which means, that the anti-parasitic product/medicine will no longer have any effect. So why ParaVet?

ParaVet is a supplement based on an organic syrup combined with a mix of 9 different plants. ParaVet is typically given in conjunction with either the traditional dewormer treatment or to optimize the intestinal environment and gut flora. Indirectly this will have an effect on the parasitic activity, as the improved gut flora will support the over all parasitic pressure in the body. This will also increase the animals quality of life.

ParaVet can be given as an intensive support for 5 days to promote a strong healthy gut or as a supplement in conjunction with the traditional dewormer for good intestinal health and to maintain optimal intestinal environment and gut flora.

Easy to use instructions are on the bottle

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