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Groomer’s Goop Starter Kit


Groomer’s Goop Starter Kit



The Groomer’s Goop Starter Kit Includes 6 pieces to provide professional Grooming Results. Inside the starter kit includes: 

  1. 16oz Groomer’s Goop Degreaser, the first step to a professionally groomed, show quality coat. Removes tough soils and stains from dirty coats other shampoos can’t touch.
  2. 16oz Groomer’s Goop Glossy Coat Shampoo, the second step of our 3 step process. Helps remove excess degreaser from coat. Specially formulated to strip away months of build and grime in 1 rinse.
  3. 16oz Groomer’s Goop Glossy Coat Conditioner, the final step to achieve a professional quality grooming experience. Rehydrates and replenishes the coat, to leave it ultra-soft and shiny.
  4. Silicone application brush to apply Groomer’s Goop evenly and efficiently. Use to scrub in product and massage the pet. Use to help remove excess fur while washing and brush dry after the bath.
  5. No-slip bath mat to keep your pet in place during bath time and protect your tub from scratches.
  6. And an oversized, ultra-absorbent micro-fibre bath towel. Dry off your pet quickly and easily with this large, soft towel.


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