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CadoVit Cats & Dogs


Vitamin, Mineral, Herbal supplement

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CadoVit is a vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs or cats if you want to allocate a little extra in connection with for example raw feeding or if your animal is to be provided a wide pallet of the building block in case of extraordinary needs.

Can also with great benefit be used in connection with fur changes and in connection with lactation, gestation and mating season.

Consists of high quality dead yeast cultures, supported by a unique plant mix that ensures full utilization of yeast ingredients. In addition, a vitamin and mineral blend is added that ensures that your dog or cat is given the important vitamins and minerals that may be missing in the feed you are using.

CadoVit is especially perfect for supporting a varied variety of raw feeding.

Yeast is best known for its high content of B vitamins (of course, present in ample amounts) and while it is important for many processes in the body, it is at least as much the content of amino acids that has our focus here. Amino acids are the building blocks to form protein chains in the body and as it happens all the time there is a huge need for the many different amino acids that exist.

Yeast is rich in all amino acids and is therefore a good supplement to all types of feed including raw feed and if you are feeding varied raw feed, CadoVit is optimal to use in combination.

And on top of that, because of the yeast, CadoVit works as a co-enzyme associated with digestion.

In particular, the absorption of minerals requires auxiliaries and CadoVit is the perfect helper.

The powder is sprinkled on the feed with up to 1/4 measuring spoon for cats and small dogs. And up to 1/2 measuring spoon for large dogs.

Contents: Yeast of dead yeast cultures, calcium, blackcurrant, roadside, roselle, white-thorn, hindeastragel, bukkar, bladderang, chickpeas, poppy flower, baldrian, iron and vitamin and mineral blend.

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