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Natural dental care for dogs

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene to Your Dog

Does your dog have beautiful white teeth and healthy looking pink gums? Or are they full of tartar and gum inflammation, maybe bad breath…

A dog’s mouth health is essential to it’s overall health. Oral disease is tied to systemic disease and can affect the heart, kidneys, liver and may even be linked to cancer and diabetes and is known as The Silent Killer!

There are 3 Major causes of Dental Disease in dogs: Diet, Diet, Diet…

Dogs fed a natural diet with chewy muscle meat as well as raw meaty bones and recreational bones usually have healthy mouths. Natural diets provide the right habitat for your dog’s healthy oral micro biome. Natural live enzymes and “good” bacteria help prevent tartar build up.

A bad diet can be a direct cause of weak teeth and weak gums. Aside from the fact that a healthy mouth is good for your dog’s overall health, there is anonther strong incentive to keep your dog’s mouth healthy…you’ll avoid having to put them through dental cleanings under anesthesia. Some go through this every year! It’s expensive, it’s risky, and it shouldn’t be necessary if you take a few simple steps to keep their mouth healthy

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