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Stone Hedge Farm is the Canadian distributor for Groomer’s Goop Product line. We are thrilled to offer the ultimate grooming products for your dog or cat. We will have your animal sparkling in no time.  Skunked no problem with the Goop!



Step 1


It is a great first step to “de-greasing” the coats of Persian, Himalayan, Maine Coon Cats and long-haired dogs providing deep down cleaning. Skunked NO problem- smell and oil residue gone in 10 minutes. It is used on a dry coat and has been specially formulated to remove the most difficult soils and stains.   The enriched formula contains lanolin, glycerin, vitamin E and aloe vera to better treat your pet’s skin.



Step 2

The Shampoo is perfect to use after the De-Greaser or on its own. It is specially formulated to removed dirt and debris from your dog or cats coat without stripping the natural oils. Pay special attention to matted and tangled areas being careful to avoid coming into contact with their eyes.  Allow to sit about 5 minutes before rinsing.



Step 3

The Conditioner is the perfect end to your dog or cats spa day and will deeply condition and moisturize your animal’s coat and skin leaving it healthy, shiny and soft. Allow product to soak in for about 5 minutes before rinsing.

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buddies recommending me

I let my dog out before bed and when he came back in I realized he had been sprayed by a skunk! Bathed him with the Goop products and no more smell. Used the odor off on the floor and carpet which eliminated the rest of the skunk smell. Love the goop!
I have 3 Border Collies that love to run and play outside. Which means that they often come in full of pine tar. Groomer's Goop to the rescue! Not only does it remove the tar but their coats are soft, shiny and they smell wonderful. Love the goop!