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PEMF _ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

An non- invasive alternative to treat pain, inflammation, arthritis, injury, nerve regeneration, circulation, surgeries and wounds all at a cellular level.  Great for competitors human or animals!


Swiss Bionic IMRS PEMF system

is a class 2 Medical Device that has been approved by Health Canada

Recommended by Veterinarians

has been used by Veterinarians for decades for a wide range of health conditions.

Low Frequency Range

Research has shown that low energy pulsating fields can produce remarkable positive changes within the body. As a result the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy. This energy enhances the self-healing powers of the body.

Non - Invasive Modality

which can improve performance, offer pain relief, increase vitality helping to bring the body back into balance and optimum health

Non Testing

Can be used for competition dogs without worrying about testing- sport & working dogs, agility

"Organ Clock"

IThat is, certain frequencies are excluded, while other frequencies are delivered according to the biorhythm of the human /animal body. Blending natural frequencies with the body’s rhythms ensures that all organs receive the most beneficial stimulation no matter what time an iMRS session is a used.

The iMRS® Systems are listed and regulated by the FDA and by Health Canada. However, these systems are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any particular disease. No sales partner of Swiss Bionic Solutions is allowed to make any specific health claim aside from the legally authorized intent of use. MRS 2000+ designo®, SkinDream®, iMRS®, intelligent wellness® and Omnium1 – intelligent lifestyle® are registered trademarks of Swiss Bionic Solutions Holding GmbH.

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