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The professional’s grooming choice for all disciplines

Stone Hedge Farm is the Canadian distributor for Galloping Goop Product line. We are thrilled to offer the ultimate grooming products for your horse, cow, sheep, dog or cat etc.  We will have your animal sparkling in no time in three easy steps.


Step 1


Apply generous amount of Galloping Goop De-Greaser to the animal’s DRY coat, mane, tail (and feather if applicable). Massage product into any heavily stained or dirty areas needing special attention. Use caution around eyes, ears, and mouth. Leave on approximately 10 – 15 minutes. Add a bit of warm water while massaging coat then rinse. For best results, and a show-quality finish, follow up with Galloping Goop Shampoo and Conditioner.

Galloping Goop is specially formulated to remove the most difficult soils and stains from your animal’s coat. Low foaming action rinses clean to eliminate build up, and excess rinsing that can strip natural oils.



Galloping Goop Shampoo creates a rich lather to remove tough soils.

Apply a generous amount of shampoo and work in paying special attention to matted and tangled areas. Be careful to avoid contact with eyes to prevent discomfort to the animal.  Work into coat thoroughly for 5 minutes. Rinse animal until water runs clear.

If using Galloping Goop De-greaser, apply shampoo after degreaser and thoroughly rinse any remaining degreaser with shampoo.

Galloping Goop Shampoo is specially formulated to remove dirt and debris from coat, mane and tail without stripping natural oils. Use with our De-greaser and Conditioner for professional grooming results


Step 3  


Promotes healthy coat, silky softness, & luxurious shine

After shampooing your animal with Galloping Goop Shampoo, apply liberal amount of Galloping Goop Conditioner to the animal’s wet coat. Gently work the conditioner out evenly and massage into coat. Pay special attention to mane and tail and allow product to soak in for about 5 minutes. Rinse coat unit water runs clear.

Galloping Goop Conditioner will deeply condition and moisturize your animal’s coat, mane and tail, leaving it healthy, shiny, and soft.

Super Saver: De-greaser, Shampoo and conditioner.  Save by purchasing all three gallon jugs at once.

All products are biodegradable, non-toxic, recommended for all horse breeds, for external use only, as always stop if irritation occurs.

Bonus Feature: Also suitable for Dogs and Cats


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buddies recommending me

My mare is always dirty and loves to use manure as pillows. The Galloping Goop cleans her up quick and easily. Love the goop!
I struggled with getting show ready and it would take me all day. Now I go from this to show ready in about 1.5 hours and is why I now only use the Galloping Goop products. Works wonders on my chestnut as well. Love the Goop!

Demonstration Video produced by
Faraway Stud in Australia