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Person $ 60 for 1 hour

Dog/Cat $ 30 for half hour

Horse $60 for 1 hour

Hoistice body work & Emotional Code for horses

$120 initial assessment

$80 follow up

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therappy

$30 for half hour

$50 for 1 hour

What Our Customers say

Riley has extremely bad allergies that nothing we tried worked for him. He would chew his hair and skin off so badly he had to wear a cone 24/7. A friend suggested that I call Cindy to see if she could help. We started off with VetCur which helped and then added in the Reiki and PEMF once per week. The change has been remarkable. Riley is now able to spend some time without the cone and we are hoping it can become permanent.

Jennifer & Riley

My name is Audrey Bayens and 2 years ago when I was desperately looking for a place of rehabilitation for my horse, who was very sick, and I was losing hope he would ever be well again. I found Stonehedge Farm. I found a home for my horse that is loving and has attention to his special needs. Cindy has carefully developed a feed plan that works, uses Reiki and holistic body energy work to rebalance his mind and body. No more Vet calls for a colicky horse! My horse can finally breath and he has never been healthier

Audrey & Justice