Stone Hedge Farm Canada

Unique health solutions for Dogs & Cats

Every consumer wants products of high quality that are made with proper dedication, documentation and “know-how”. To offer such products, it is necessary for a company to meet the criteria through a highly educated staff and a professional attitude.

All VetCur herbal feed supplements are developed to match the need of each individual animal species. VetCur products are all natural and they use as many organic ingredients as possible. Please be aware that all VetCur pet supplements are to be considered as feed and according to the legislation feed is not supposed to heal, diagnose or cure any disease. We know that nutrition provides the tools and the building blocks for the body to thrive and sometimes that is what the systems inside the body actually need to maintain or obtain health and wellness. The body is an amazing thing in the fact that given the right nutritional help the body can on occasion heal itself.

Why VEtCur?

VetCur is established on a professional scientific and medical backbone, and a passion for the health and well-being of all living organisms on this planet. Utilizing the professional strength within VetCur to consistently develop natural products, that are uniquely tailored to the specific biological/physiological needs of the focal animal species. This is achieved through VetCur’s three core values: Innovation, Responsibility, Sustainable Growth.

Mission & Vision

It is VetCur’s mission to create innovative health solutions for animals, to improve and increase species specific balanced feeding and animal welfare. VetCur wants to be the leading authority on the world market within tailored natural nutrition. Their vision, aids us to evolve conventional thought and action, into new ways and standards. In keeping with their credo, they are inspired by nature and powered by science on the path to the right solutions.

Goals & Stratagy

The ultimate company goal of VetCur is to offer products that secure well-being quality of life, animal welfare and productivity. The objective is to develop concepts that are tailored for the individual animals biological adaptation and need for natural nutrients. They do the research and develop the products themselves, so they are always sure that the products meet the animal species specific needs for essential nutrients and building blocks, which in their entirety provide the body with what it needs nutritionally to stay healthy and strong.

This can be achieved through a close, ambitious and flexible, open and respectful co-operation with customers, business partners, dealers/suppliers, scientists and education centres.