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cindy vandervelden

Cindy has been working with horses since the age of 10.   She competed in show jumping and eventing and worked in the horse industry for many years.  She has bred and raised Thai Ridgeback dogs working in obedience and tracking.  Taking a break to raise a family she came back into the equine world about 12 years ago when she purchased a lovely but broken mare.  This started her journey into the world of natural solutions to problems.  From use of crystals and Reiki,  natural herbal feed supplements to Holistic bodywork and PEMF ( Pulsed electromagnetic Field Therapy).  By learning to use these various non-invasive techniques we can aid the body ( animal or human)  to rebalance itself, achieving optimal health and wellness.  This is meant to complement traditional methods not to replace them. 

Cindy understands that people have unique circumstances and a variety of  needs and she takes the time to gain the necessary information to provide our clients with effective support.

Her process focuses on finding the root cause upon which she can then determine the best support – and she can only do so with help from you. No matter what the scale of the problem is, it is just as important for her as it is for you. Consulting and working directly with the person/owner in this capacity is often a critical element to success. There is no charge for advise given in choosing a correct product/solution, even if some enquiries and answers take a bit longer! Cindy simply devotes the time she needs to give you all the time you need. 

Cindy has been working with the VetCur products for the past 6 years and is the Canadian Distributor.  She has the highest level of expertise within Canada and has  helped many animals over come issues.  She is a Reiki Master and has been providing Reiki to animals and people in the area over the past 10 years both in person and by distance.  She is certified in Level 1 Holistic bodywork Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding and Level 2 Cranial Sacral Unwinding & Advanced Kinesiology through Holistic Horseworks from the USA.   Cindy is also a Wellness advocate for doTerra Essential Oils.  She looks forward to introducing you to natural health and wellness solutions for you and your animals!

Let the healing begin…

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Customer Review

A Cat named Zira

I have never written a testimonial to a business before, but I had to let you two know that these products worked like a miracle for my cat. This was a cat that came as a stray to my door. She had hardly any of her ears left, her eyes were scabbed closed and she had no fur on her face. Her mouth and chin had virtually been ‘eaten’ away. The pound wouldn’t take her as they didn’t know what she had, so I called my vet to come and put her down. She thought she could save her and agreed to do the labour pro bono if I would pay for the medication. ‘Scar’ spent almost 3 weeks at the vet’s and finally they settled on a steroid treatment for her. This worked wonders, but did not last. We then tried Prednisolone, which again, brought her condition (we still don’t really know what that is) under control. After about 2 months she started to slide again. We increased the dosage by 50%, then 100%, then 200% and saw no improvement. She was bleeding from behind her ears, missing all the fur on her face, ears and front paws and had take to chewing her feet until they bled. We were giving her one more week before we put her out of her misery. 

We purchased your DiVet and ImVet on Friday and gave her her first dose when we got home. By last Friday, one week later, all the scabs have fallen off, she no longer has fluid running out of her ears and her fur is growing back. She has stopped obsessively licking and chewing her paws and everything is healing nicely. She now gets up and goes outside, curls up on my daughter’s bed and acts like an entirely normal cat. We have probably used up less that $5.00 worth of product. We are 11 days in. 

I don’t know what this stuff is or how it works and to be honest it was just a last ditch attempt so I didn’t feel guilty about putting her down. I am generally a strong ‘disbeliever’ in these types of products, but you have a convert! 

Also, I wouldn’t have purchased it except for your enthusiasm knowledge of animal nutrition and your ‘free’ advice on cat foods (which you don’t even sell). So thank you! All the best with your business endeavors. How great to have a business that truly helps and heals your customers. 

P.S. we have renamed her Zira 


Sandi Nelles

Timex - Dog Allergy

TIMEX is a 10 & 1/2 year old Labradoodle. He has had serious allergies (food and environment) since he was a puppy. Prior to talking your products, his ears would flare up red on a constant basis and it was very painful. He was on a steady diet of Benadryl and Vanectyl and a special food diet to try and minimize the frequency and severity of his ear flare ups. With Vanectyl being a steroid, we knew that it could cause some serious health issues if he was on it for an extended period of time. Once he started taking your products, things got much better. The ear flare ups steadily became less and less frequent and much less severe. We have been able to wean him completely off both the Benadryl and the Vanectyl. He is now on maintenance doses of ImVet and 10 Good Reasons. Ross

Angus - eye issues

I met his owner at the Royal Winter Fair and they had been battling his issues for a long time. His eye was so bad that the vets only solution was to remove the eye. They were even thinking of putting him down as his quality of life was so low. His owner and I had a long chat at the Royal and she decided to give it one last go! ImVet and Agiovet is what we used. The Agiovet was put directly into his eye a couple of times a day and the ImVet was taken at full dose once per day.

Keeley - pemphigus

I purchased ImVet for my dog at the Royal Winter Fair. She is an 11 year old Lakeland Terrier who had just been diagnosed with pemphigus. I am happy to report that she has made almost a complete recovery. All that is left is a very slight redness in her eyelids and I am certain that this will soon resolve also. Before starting on ImVet both of Keeley;s eyelids were swollen and oozing, she had sores on on and between her paw pads, nose, gums, anus and vulva and she would scratch and lick at herself until she bled. My vet believed she had pemphigus and could only offer a prolonged treatment with powerful steroids, Thankfully I found you at the Royal Winter Fair. She had been on ImVet for about 4 weeks before I started to notice signs of improvement, by six weeks the sores had gone from everywhere except her eyes although they too were greatly improved. Now at the 2 month mark her hair is starting to regrow around her eyes and she is almost completely back to normal. I will be keeping her on ImVet for another couple of months at least, just to be safe. Thank you VetCur from June and Keeley!