Stone Hedge Farm Canada

Natural Health & Wellness for you and your animals

VEtCur for dogs & cats

Stone Hedge Farm Canada is proud to offer VetCur Products to the Canadian marketplace. These powerful, innovative natural feed products are formulated to enhance your animals lives. VetCur develops and manufactures a range of high quality innovative products that are ‘tailored made’ for dogs and cats focusing on health, maintenance, well-being and productivity. Their products are based upon the increasing demand for high quality natural, implicitly healthier products which contribute to growth and expansion of our best friends.

The Goop - Professional grooming products

Galloping Goop the Professional Horse Grooming Product Line. Stone Hedge Farm is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Galloping Goop Product line which has raised the bar when it comes to removing dirt and grease. With low foaming action it does not strip the coat’s natural oils and is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to nourish the Hair and Skin and leave your best friend with silky soft, super shiny hair, and healthy skin. Bonus if you have a white or grey animal – no more scrubbing and they will sparkle!.  Can also be used on dogs, cats, cows, chicken, goats and sheep…

Boarding for your Equine Partner

Boarding for your equine partner is a very personal experience.  We provide our boarders with a quiet, safe and secure place to enjoy their passion.  We offer superior care for your equine partner with a balanced individualized feed program using only high quality feeds.  We believe in all day turn out so horses can be horses.  Their mental well-being is just as important to us as their physical well-being. Our newer barn was built for the comfort of your horse and provides proper ventilation.  With over 30 years of equine experience you can be assured that your equine family member is in safe and capable hands.  Quality and peace of mind makes Stone Hedge Farm a premium boarding facility.  We are fully insured and require our boarders to have insurance as well.  

Holistic Body & Cranio Sacral Work

Confirmation is what the horse is born with.  Posture is what develops from a body unable to move correctly and is often in pain as a result.  Does your horse suffer form:

  • Mysterious lameness
  • Cross firing at the canter
  • heaviness at the front
  • high/low hoof syndrome
  • unwillingness to pick up a lead
  • resistance to one rein over the other
  • cinchy/girthy or cold backed
  • posture issues- roach backm hunters mump, cow hocked or u-necked
  • Cranial Sacral issues- head shakers, spooky/glighty, auto-immune, allergies, hard to bridle or resistant to the bit
  • Kissing spine, wobblers syndrome & string-halt 
  • isn’t competing well

This soft but very deep releases will help to correct many of these issues.  The goal is to assist the horse’s body, putting it in a position where it can effectively heal itself.  There are conformation elements, Soft tissue elements, enotional elements, muscle memory elements, nutritional elements and toxicity elements.  Finding the balance takes more than good technique.  It requires listening to the horse!

Essential oils


When you choose an essential oil, please choose oils that have been gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.  Choose oils for yourself or your dog, cat or horse with our expert experience and advise.  Please note that not all oils are suitable for your animals.


Reiki and Animal Reiki is a energy healing technique developed thousands of years ago which is gentle, can be done hands on (in person) or from any distances with the same effect and outcome. 

Reiki and Reiki for animals has principles and symbols that automatically set the intent of the healing session as positive, and does not rely on any type of belief system by you or your pets / animals for it to work. 

At Stone Hedge Farm we help people and animals through Reiki energy healing.  Animals are usually very eager and receptive for an energy healing and most pets / animals understand the concept since they give healing energy themselves.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy- PEMF

A non-invasive alternative to treat pain, inflammation, arthritis, injury, nerve regeneration, circulation, surgeries and woulds all at a cellular level.  Great for competitors human or animals.

PEMF have been on the market for nearly 2 decades and has been used for:

  • improve circulation and immune system function
  • activate cellular metabolism and repair
  • aid in relaxation and detoxification
  • increase energy, vitality and strength
  • improve mobility
  • rapid post-exercise recovery/support faster rehab for injuries

Changing the Outcome Naturally! Let the healing begin...